10 Tips for the Best Container Garden on the Block


Arrange Containers Aesthetically

Flowers, plants and edibles are inherently attractive; however, there are simple things you can do to showcase them in a way that helps them look their best. Experiment with pairing flowers and vegetables in the same pot. Cabbage potted with bright marigolds and edible nasturtium flowers is one example of how flowers can accentuate a vegetable's aesthetic. By introducing complementary plants in the same pot, you can help each plant live up to its ornamental potential. Consider eggplant planted with Italian parsley. In this combination, the bushy herb surrounds the base of the eggplant, hiding the bare, unsightly stalk.

Another way to increase the beauty of your outdoor area using potted plants is to arrange the containers in ways pleasing to the eye. Try placing half a dozen of the same plant in a linear fashion along a pathway or stairs for an orderly, formal look. Or arrange different potted plants in a cluster so that those with taller foliage sit behind shorter ones. Use them to block unsightly views into neighbors' yards or alleys, or simply to establish a pretty focal point in your outdoor area.