10 Ways to Zen Your Garden



Moss is a common plant found in Japanese-style gardens. It can be incorporated in small containers for a side or coffee table, or used in larger amounts for a striking effect. For a hearty grower and a deep green look, go with fern moss, rock cap moss or cushion moss. You can also combine other elements of your Zen-style garden along with your moss. Use sand and river rocks with moss in a container garden. Try adding a fern or two to a raised bed of moss and gravel. Leave the arrangements sparse and minimal to achieve the look you're going for in a Japanese influence. Moss is also good to use as a barrier for your walkway or water feature. Moss is low-maintenance once it's established, and all it needs to take root is an area cleaned of rocks and debris. Once it's growing strong, it will actually grow well on top of your rocks. Shade and moisture make the ideal environment for moss to thrive.