Top 10 Ideas for Small Water Features



Birdbaths are an excellent way to add something extra to your space. They are also entertaining: You'll likely see robins, blue jays, thrushes and other birds that prefer birdbaths over bird feeders.

You can buy generic birdbaths, but there are also many other types of baths available. Heated bird baths are great for the winter months, when the water tends to freeze. Electricity runs to the pedestal of the birdbath, which keeps the water above freezing without actually warming the water. You can also add a fountain mist to your birdbath. This will attract other birds; hummingbirds, for example, love to fly through mists of water [source: Wild Bird Watching].

Keep the birds' safety in mind. Select a birdbath that has a gradually sloping wall with a nonslippery surface. Also, make sure that the water is no deeper than 3 inches (76 millimeters) to keep smaller birds from drowning. If needed, you can put rocks in the bottom of the bath to make the water shallower and also to help the birds enter the bath with ease. Change the water every other day to keep it clean and fresh; never use chemicals.