Top 10 Ideas for Small Water Features


Rock Ponds/Rock Gardens

Rock ponds use many different sizes, shapes, and colors of rocks and boulders to accent a space. The soothing effect of the water as it runs over these rocks accentuates the beauty of the pond. You can also plant blooms designed for rough terrain around a rock garden.

You can use natural or artificial rocks, depending on your preference. Artificial rocks can be much easier to handle. They're more lightweight than natural rocks, which is helpful when you position the rocks in your pond. Natural rocks can also crack over time because of constant contact with water. Natural rocks, however, do provide a more native look and can make your garden more genuine [source: Vic Hannans Landscape Materials].

You can also add plant life to your rock pond to form a rock garden designed to accentuate your space and make it look more natural. As with other gardens, you should evaluate the layout of your garden and the sun/shade patterns to see which plants will flourish in your pond. says to "set the rocks in the lowest, front part of the garden first and work upward. Shovel enough soil around each rock to anchor it firmly. You may need to bury half or more of each rock." After you've positioned the rocks, let the soil settle around them for a few days, then examine the space and tweak the layout before you add plants [source:].