5 Ways to Garden with Aluminum Foil

Mix it with Mulch

Munching mammals shouldn't be your only garden worry; an infestation of ravenous insects can also kill your plants quickly if you don't take care of them. Insecticides and pesticides are quick and permanent solutions to bug problems, but if you're growing fruits and vegetables you'll end up ingesting those harsh chemicals into your body.

Keeping bugs at bay doesn't have to require a chemical solution for you and your garden. Instead, cut up small strips of aluminum foil and mix them with your mulch. The shiny side of the foil will reflect light, deterring some light-sensitive pests from your vegetable patch. As an added bonus, the foil will also reflect nourishing light back on to your plants.

Adapted from Amazing Uses for Household Products: Bleach, © 2009 Publications International, Ltd.

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