5 Ways to Green Your Garden


Use Water Wisely

Dwindling water supplies are no longer a problem left for future generations to address. Water shortages are expected to impact the majority of the world's population within the next two decades [source: United Nations]. To protect this limited resource, use green watering techniques, and consider alternate water sources.

One of the best ways to effectively utilize water for irrigation purposes is to spread mulch or compost around your garden. These materials trap water and cause it to be absorbed slowly into the soil, rather than letting it escape as runoff. If your plants aren't thriving, till and aerate the soil to increase absorption. Be mindful of how you use water. Water early in the day so that water isn't wasted to evaporation. Stop watering when you notice runoff starting to occur. Use rain barrels to gather water for your garden, instead of relying on potable water supplies. Rain barrels are easy to install, and will help reduce your monthly water bills while minimizing your impact [source: State of Washington Department of Ecology].