Buying Plants

Once you have readied your garden soil, you can begin to plant. Knowing your type of soil, your growing zone, and whether you'll be planting in sun or in shade will be of great help when choosing your plants. But there are a few other things to keep in mind. Nevertheless, buying plants for your garden is relatively simple once you know what to look for.

Picture of a greenhouse.
Many plants you'll buy for your garden will have been raised in a greenhouse.
See more pictures of greenhouses.

Depending on the type of plants you are buying, you will want to look for different tell-tale signs that the plants you bring home will be healthy, have an easy transition from their present condition to your garden conditions, and thrive in the long run.

On the following pages, we will discuss typical bedding plants and perennials, annuals, plants grown in containers, bare-rooted material, potted material, and mail order plants. We'll cover the basics and some additional details on the following pages.

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