Buying Plants

Ordering Plants

When you unpack a box of plants that have arrived by mail, handle them gently. You'll find they are packed tightly together; this is done to prevent shifting in transit.

It is important to get your mail order plants in the ground as soon as possible.
It is important to get mail order plants
in the ground as soon as possible.

Check the plants' condition. Are they dormant
or growing? Are the roots wet or dry? Are there any rotten spots on the foliage? Are the stems broken? It is amazing what a good job the packers do, but sometimes problems are evident. If so, contact the supplier for a refund or replacement plant.

Even in the best of conditions, plants that have gone through the mail need a period of adjustment. Because the plants have not had
a normal amount of light for a few days, they'll need partial shading at first. You can gradually increase the light over a few days. Plant and water them as soon as possible, and make
sure they get extra care to harden them off.

Finally it is time to plant. Keeping a few easy rules about transplanting and hardening off in mind, will help you get your plants off to the
best possible start. Learn to help your plants make the transition from the nursery to the garden with the information on the next page.

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