Color Theme Garden Ideas

Color theme garden ideas offer an elegant way to give any backyard a burst of floral beauty, united around a single shade of your choice. Many gardens rely on eye-pleasing combinations -- either bold or subtle -- of various colors of flowers, but the skillful use of only one or two hues can produce some delightful and unusual effects.

One of the most well-known color themed gardens was the renowned White Garden planned by Vita Sackville-West at Sissinghurst Castle, but similar gardens may be planted on any scale, from large to small. The use of one color or a group of related tones allows the gardener to emphasize the texture and scale of different plants, and also to create some very painterly effects, as Impresssionist painter Claude Monet did in his lovely gardens at Giverny.

As with any garden, color-theme plantings should not be over-planned. Often some of the nicest groupings are the unexpected ones. A splash of yellow from a self-sown seedling, for example, may be just the contrast needed to bring out the full effect of an all-pink or all-blue bedding scheme.

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In a setting worthy of their name and of their beauty, lovely regal lilies fill a raised stone bed with floral bounty. The colors of this planting have been chosen with great care, as they are part of an elegant color theme garden that explores shades of pink -- from palest near-white to rich rose -- with golden accents throughout: White peonies and daisies in the border beyond echo the snowy, gold-centered throats of the lilies, while pink roses match the blush of color striping the outside of each pale trumpet.

Not quite ready to pick just one color? Continue to the next page to explore color theme garden ideas based on several cooler hues, such as blue and purple.

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