Color Theme Garden Ideas

Cool Color Garden Ideas

Transform your backyard or other garden space into a soothing respite with these cool color garden ideas. Blues, purples, and pinks are naturally relaxing hues, and the following garden photos offer an assortment of flower and planting ideas to get your cool color theme garden started.

Lavender and deep purple pillars of delphinium blooms stand out in this grand-scale garden. White regal lilies and low-growing roses in luscious shades of pink and cream complete the color scheme. A similar effect could be achieved in a much smaller space by re-creating the planting scheme for one of the island beds.

Walls can be used as canvases to hold a vertical display of color. Here, vigorously growing climbing roses (Seven Sisters) in shades of medium pink make a lovely show against mellowed old stone walls, and they frame the window beautifully. At their feet, silver-foliaged plants, including lavender and artemisia, make a cool foil to the spherical heads of allium.

An artistic approach to tonal-themed plantings utilizes flower shapes and the growth habits of plants to emphasize the blossom colors. Here, the round, flat flower heads of pale yellow Coronation Gold achillea contrast with the lush wands of rose-colored bloom borne by Astolat delphinium, although both plants share a vertical habit of growth. The cool color garden's palette is further highlighted by the yellow accents. Nepeta, oenothera, and heuchera provide a lovely, airy foreground.

Twin examples of the classic herbaceous border flow down either side of a narrow grassy path leading to a statue in the shelter of a clipped evergreen in this cool color garden. Billowing colors of lavender, blue, pink, rose, and yellow are provided by perennials, including campanula, dame's violet, phlox, dianthus, and achillea. Annuals such as nicotiana are scattered in the mix, and the whole is framed by shrubs and roses.

Some like it hot, so if cool colors are a little sleepy for your taste, continue to the next page for color theme garden ideas to add energy with an abundance of blossoms in warm, fiery hues.

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