Color Theme Garden Ideas

Warm Color Garden Ideas

Bring the gorgeous shades of autumn to your backyard no matter the season when you use these warm color garden ideas to design your green space. If fiery hues are your passion, explore the garden photos below for suggestions on choosing not just flowers, but also trees and shrubs to plant in your fabulous color theme garden.

Warm color accents for the garden are found not only among the ranks of annuals and perennials. Here, trees and shrubs get into the act with both flower and foliage color in an extremely sophisticated and beautifully effective display. Japanese maples provide the backdrop with leaves of deepest plum-red, gold, and chartreuse, while a rhododendron blooming in a rare shade of tangerine bridges the gap between the trees and the perennial bed in front, whose colors of green and gold match those of the maples.

Japanese Garden, Portland, OR; Photo by Dave Gilmore. Japanese Garden, Portland, OR; Photo by Dave Gilmore.
Japanese Garden, Portland, OR; Photo by Dave Gilmore.

Carefully sculpted shrubbery with rich fuschia blossoms meets feathery purple-red Japanese maples in this warm color garden. The greens of the ground cover, as well as the other trees and shrubs, serve as a cooling counterpoint to this meticulously maintained space. Lush greenery and leaves in an assortment of sizes and textures can only enhance the vibrant shades you select for your color theme garden.

With a neutral stone wall as a backdrop, the varied greens of fir, spruce, and ivy serve once again as elegant accents to the robust shades of orange, red, and yellow highlighted in this warm color garden, which includes hardy chrysanthemums, heavy with blooms.

With the rich oranges, yellows, and red-golds of daylily blossoms, your warm color garden will literally burst forth to meet the day. Arranging the lilies in carefully planned beds along a manicured path provides clean lines and an excellent contrast to the lilies' exuberant energy.

Barbara Svoboda Barbara Svoboda
Barbara Svoboda

An assortment of shapes, as well as complementing and contrasting colors, add intrigue to this warm color garden. Bright black-eyed susans with their dark centers complement round, red zinnias, and hot-purple streaks of celosia will attract everyone's eye.

Ready for your next challenge? On the next page you'll learn to explore shape, size, and texture as you create a garden with only one color of flower.

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