Color Theme Garden Ideas

Monochrome Garden Ideas

If you have a favorite color in mind, these monochrome garden ideas are made for you. Your backyard can be a study in singularity and rich with shades and textures when a monochrome garden is your goal. In addition to blooms that may catch your eye, don't forget to consider ground cover, leaves, and other foliage on your quest to create a beautiful color theme garden.

Foliage that echoes the color of the planting scheme can become an integral part of a garden. Here, flowers and leaves together sing a single-color theme in blissful harmony. The snowy chalices of colchicums perfectly match the variegated ground cover foliage, while the frosty silver-gray of fluffy artemisia adds the finishing touch to a scene that is perfection in miniature.

Jack (Tex) Renwall Jack (Tex) Renwall
Jack (Tex) Renwall

Delicate white tulips are accented by fluffy white flowering bushes in this light, springy monochrome garden. The gently curving pathway provides the perfect vantage point for admiring the shapes and textures, as well as the play of sunlight, in this inviting verdant space.

Christopher Hansen Christopher Hansen
Christopher Hansen

Pink azaleas are perfectly matched to blush-colored tulips in this free-flowing monochrome garden. The somewhat irregular form of the bushes is complemented by the varied heights and long, thin leaves of the tulips, giving the garden a wild, natural look and keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Robert Silverwood Hidcote Robert Silverwood Hidcote
Robert Silverwood Hidcote

Once again a study in white, this monochrome garden creates a space of peace and tranquility in the backyard. Carefully cropped hedges create labyrinth-like borders, and the shading tendrils of the tree are met by the airy, silver-white branches of the shrubs. Plump white blossoms -- and even the pale-stone walkway -- complete the garden's monochrome palette, while smooth lines and feathery foliage create contrast.

©2007 JupiterImages Corporation ©2007 JupiterImages Corporation
©2007 JupiterImages Corporation

Flowering shrubs can be used to dramatic effect, as in this monochrome garden (at right) where they create a winding rose-colored ribbon through the surrounding shades and textures of green. Larger trees mixed with assorted sizes of shrubs and plants also add interest at various levels, as well as providing some welcome shade from the summer sun. The cascading growth pattern of many of these plants means minimal trimming and pruning -- and more time for enjoying the rich, robust color.

Whether you make a particular color or flower your focus or choose a selection of warm or cool shades for your garden, these garden photos should leave you with a wealth of ideas for transforming your backyard into an engaging and exciting color theme garden you'll enjoy all season long.

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