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Bowered Garden Ideas

Whether you're seeking respite from the hot summer sun or longing to create a private nook to shroud you from the bustling busyness, these bowered garden ideas are just the inspiration you need. These pleasant bordered and often shady spaces come in a variety of formats and sizes, so you're sure to find the bowered garden design and planting ideas you need among the garden photos that follow.

Golden laburnums drop long panicles of bloom from overhead in this allée-style bowered garden, while from underneath, the pale lavender globes of Allium aflatuense rise to meet them. The wooden support blends in with the trunks of the laburnum trees, thus focusing attention on the plants themselves. This lovely and timeless vista ends, appropriately, at a sundial.

This bowered garden features a brick-and-stone wall with a more designed planting, for a different but no less charming effect. Espaliered flowering quinces have been trained against the wall in a fan pattern, while brightly colored primroses fill the beds at their feet. Fruit trees may also be trained in espalier fashion; the warmth of the wall allows fruit to ripen more quickly and flowers to open earlier than they otherwise would.

Garland roses spill down a wall in cheerful abandon, bedecking the geometric structure of brick and stone with floriferous swags and tresses of pristine white. Using the wall as a bower, the rose bush effectively changes the barrier's personality. The unbridled, organic flow of the roses softens the rigid, structured appearance of the wall, creating a welcoming approach to the garden beyond.

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Rich in color and wonderfully fragrant, this cultivated canopy of red, yellow, and pink roses creates a welcome cover over this walkway, which is part of a larger bowered garden. Labyrinth-like hedges shield those strolling through from the world outside.

Tom Bradnock Tom Bradnock
Tom Bradnock

Cool, shady, and almost cavelike, this bowered garden begins with a stately gateway. Beyond, trees spread their dense foliage over assorted green ferns and ground cover, and a pathway invites all to enter.

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