Cottage Garden Ideas

Front Garden Ideas

Why keep something so beautiful all to yourself? Increase your home's curb appeal and your neighbors' view with a colorful garden placed right out front. Cottage gardens can be at home in any smaller space, so peruse these front garden ideas and garden photos for the blossoms and planting arrangements that suit you best.

A white picket fence and gray-shingled house show off a sterling example of the New England dooryard garden, a front garden and cottage garden subtype. The brick walk and well-tended mixed plantings on either side are other characteristic features. White roses, pale-yellow Moonshine achillea, and fuzzy gray lambs' ears are featured among the plantings, which also include an assortment of shrubs and trees.

This gorgeous example of a front garden wonderfully illustrates the inventive use of containers. A selection of plants in pinks, whites, and greens -- including agapanthus, verbena, lychnis, and boxwood -- is clustered in front of a border of blooming hydrangeas and taller evergreens.

A glorious combination of formal and informal elements, this garden truly makes the most of its allotted front yard space. Twin standard bay trees with floral underplanting flank the front door, while paired containers hosting a variety of blooms are placed at intervals down the steps of the porch. In the front garden, poppies, foxgloves, lychnis, and lilies are given free rein, and an out-of-bloom wisteria vine clothes a wall with its abundance of verdure.

If trimming and pruning is not your idea of a good gardening time, perhaps our more free-flowing wild garden ideas will inspire you. Click to the next page for photos revealing a riot of crazy colors and foliage.

A cottage garden is just one way to go with your digging and planting, for more gorgeous garden ideas, try one of these: