Cottage Garden Ideas

Wild Garden Ideas

Put away your trimming shears and get out the lounge chair when you opt to implement one or more of the wild garden ideas you'll find in the garden photos below. Choose a rainbow of blooming flowers and an assortment of foliage textures and shapes to make sure your wild garden catches everyone's eye -- no matter where you plant it.

Neatly trimmed boxwood is no match for the abundant growth of the lime-colored alchemilla, which flows right over the clipped hedge in what seems to be an excess of pure joie de vivre. Brilliant crimson lobelia and peonies back up the cheerful spirit of the alchemilla in this lushly growing border, containing a wide variety of mixed shrubs and perennials.

Plum, rose, green, and gold burst forth as the main colors in this wild garden, contained by a small square bed. But the deep-plum color unexpectedly comes from dark-leaved shrubs. In this lively garden, the towering poppies are supported by an underplanting of mixed perennials. Tiny heartsease are set directly in front of the central dark shrub, making it a perfect background for their dainty blossoms. The plum, green, and gold shades are repeated in the larger-scale background border.

A rainbow of daylilies, supported by rich, green hostas, and accented with bright-purple perennials offset the carefully placed bricks of this walking path with their wild, sun-seeking abandon. Such a colorful greeting is bound to bring a smile to anyone passing by.

Copyright 2005 by Mark Atwood. Copyright 2005 by Mark Atwood.
Copyright 2005 by Mark Atwood.

Attention to the height of the flowers you select for your wild garden is really the only rule that applies. In this robust wild garden example, lovely lavender and purple irises have been placed in the back, as their blossoms and spiky foliage reach closest to the sun. From their vantage point, they also provide perfect counterpoint to the golden-orange, red, and pale purple blossoms below.

This wild garden offers another example of the way varied heights and growth patterns among the selected plants can impose some semblance of order -- with minimal gardener effort -- on even the wildest of gardens. An exotic blend of shapes, colors, and sizes add interest to this densely packed garden, which includes black-eyed susans and bright-red impatiens.

Are you loving this outrageous melange of colors and shapes? Beautiful blooms can enhance the inside of your home, as well as the yard, so continue to the next page for ideas on creating your very own cutting garden.

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