Cottage Garden Ideas

Cutting Garden Ideas

If you appreciate flowers enough to create a garden in your yard, why not give yourself the option to bring beautiful blooms inside? The cutting gardens you'll see in the garden photos below are precisely planted to serve two purposes: outdoor beauty and indoor bouquets.



Rosy-purple liatris and pale-yellow achillea are a subtle combination that shows well against the background of the house and will provide material for cutting should the gardener so desire. The tall feathery plumes of an ornamental grass echo both the color and the vertical lines of the house's architecture, while another ornamental grass forms rosettes for the edging in the foreground. These grasses will also make an excellent complement to bouquets of blossoms created from the cutting garden's bounty.

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Tulips planted in smooth sections give the yard a whimsical look -- and imagine the elegant arrangements they'll create. Although it includes but one type of flower, this cutting garden features a variety of colors and heights to ensure variety both indoors and out.

There's nothing bashful about the bold combinations of color and form featured in this cutting garden. Rich ruby-red tulips, periwinkle-blue hyacinth, and golden daffodils each offer beautiful bouquet options on their own, as well as endless possibilities for combination arrangements.

As long as you're bringing your garden inside, why not make it even more useful? On the next page you'll see how gardens can be created with edible delights -- making them an extension of the kitchen.

A cottage garden is just one way to go with your digging and planting, for more gorgeous garden ideas, try one of these: