English Country Garden Ideas

Carpet Bedding Ideas

Deepak Gupta

If "attention to detail" is your middle name, this fine English country garden tradition may provide you with hours of enjoyment. Carpet bedding is the process of planting blooming annuals close together in a carefully planned design -- think Persian rug made of petals. Start simple and graduate to more complex styles, or just jump right in. These garden photos and carpet bedding ideas are sure to delight even those who plan only to admire.

An open field is transformed into an elegant work of art in this carefully planted example of carpet bedding. Assorted shades of daffodils and rich red tulips are complemented by spiky blue blooms that add contrast in shape and height -- as well as color. The curving borders also play nicely against the straight lines of leaves.

The practice of creating patterns on the ground with botanical material originated with the Elizabethans and their knot gardens of clipped herbs or shrubs, but the Victorians expanded the idea by using colorful annual flowers to create the popular carpet bedding designs of the era. In this composition, swirls of lilac, gold, and white are formed by bedded-out pansies in the foreground, while yellow tulips and pink and white dogwood complete the background picture.

OK, if you feel your head starting to spin -- don't worry. There are other ways to add artistry to your English country garden. Click to the next page for a look at the ways garden ornaments can be used with style.

If you're feeling inspired by the English countryside, don't stop now. Gather more garden ideas as you peruse the following: