English Country Garden Ideas

Garden Ornament Ideas

Add elegance or whimsy to your garden when you "plant" a garden ornament in just the right spot. Whether a work of art or sculpture or something more architectural, these added elements will only enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor space. Have a look at the garden ornament ideas that follow, and you'll be on your way to proud participation in the English country garden tradition.

Any garden will benefit from a few ornaments and witty surprises. An unexpected human form among the greenery appears in the shape of this friendly statue, which appears to wave a greeting to the viewer from amongst the coneflower, cleome, and sedum. Lacking the solemnity of more formal sculpture, this example seems to have hopped down from its pedestal to gather a country nosegay in an excess of high spirits.

Garden ornaments have long been a welcome feature of country gardens. Art in the garden can make a very effective outdoor focal point, displaying one type of artistry against another. Here, the sinuous forms of the crane statuary are echoed in the weeping branches of blue Atlas cedar and the uplifted purple spires of salvia. Gray stone steps and bright green boxwood complete the contemplative scene.

For many, the garden is a place of respite, so why not make it as calm and comforting as possible? On the next page, have a look at gardens that truly bring peace.

If you're feeling inspired by the English countryside, don't stop now. Gather more garden ideas as you peruse the following: