English Country Garden Ideas

Peaceful Garden Ideas

Enjoy the silence -- punctuated only by the twittering of birds and a floral fragrance on the breeze -- when you escape to a garden designed with peace in mind. Aim to create a setting that soothes, full of all the flowers and foliage that are most pleasing to you. Explore our peaceful garden ideas and garden photos until you find just the spot that's right for you. Some of these gardens are rather grand, but each has elements that could be recreated in a backyard.

Pink flowering dogwood is one of the prettiest of all small trees that can be grown in a home garden. The flowers, as delicate in color as fine porcelain, are borne on gently arching branches before the leaves arrive. In this peaceful garden, the pink of the dogwood is matched by that of the flowering cherries behind, while both sorts of blossom perfectly frame the gray statues against dark yew hedges and a bright green lawn scattered with petals.

Pink-flowered varieties of the tulip or saucer magnolia frame a thick, sloping meadow laden with daffodils. Trumpet and large-cupped daffodils in yellow and white have been allowed to naturalize freely here to spectacular effect. To achieve these same naturalizing results, it is best to plant the daffodil bulbs fairly deeply and spaced well apart.

Reflective in both senses of the word, this lovely woodland water garden features a Japanese-style bridge, ornamental waterfall, and abundantly planted trees, shrubs, and palms. From the high arch of the bridge, a larger view of the landscape is available. The elegant white swan enhances the majesty of this large-scale peaceful garden.

A restful oasis is created in this cozy home garden with a graveled area flanked on all sides by flowers and foliage. Welcoming seating is provided by rustic twig chairs and settee and a weathered, carved wooden bench, gathered around a small stone table, while potted ferns and begonias line up along the edges of the graveled area. The gnarled old tree in the background lends the character of its twisting branches to the scene.

Whether your gardening style is formal or informal, and your focus is color or contemplation, there are elements of the classic English country garden you're bound to love. Review these garden photos and ideas as often as you like until just the right plan develops.

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