Foliage Garden Ideas

By: the Editors of Publications International, Ltd.

Ornamental Grass Garden Ideas

Grass is so much more than the stuff covering lawns and golf courses. Select some more-exotic species and keep the mower away for a fun and dramatic ornamental grass garden. Use long-leaved plumes as a central focus, or mix several varieties together for an exploration of texture and color. Check out our ornamental grass garden ideas and garden photos that follow, and then get growing!

The plumes of ornamental grasses can be even showier than their fountain-like foliage, and the great height of the plants allows them to work as a strong centerpiece in a garden. The silvery-pink plumes of Pennisetum setaceum make lovely ornamental grass garden specimens; this one is given added emphasis by the pink and red annuals -- nicotiana and zinnia -- planted around it.


Danielle Johnson of Seattle, WA

A study in color and contrast, wiry filament-like leaves mix with silvery-green feathers in this ornamental grass garden featuring carex and artichoke plants.

For an even more colorful foliage garden, and for fun in a sunny backyard, continue to the next page for ideas on including tropical foliage in your garden.

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