Foliage Garden Ideas

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Tropical Foliage Garden Ideas

Everyone enjoys a touch of the tropics, and rain forest regions are known for their unusual and beautiful plants. A tropical foliage garden can flourish -- with a little added assistance -- even in cooler climates if tender plants are grown in pots, moved outdoors for summer, and returned indoors to spend the winter. Examine your options with the garden photos and tropical foliage garden ideas below.

The heart-shaped leaves of the elephant's-ear plant (Colocasia esculenta) make a bold impact in a tropical foliage garden, somewhat similar to the effect of large-leaved hostas in temperate locations. Here, they are partnered with scarlet cannas and dwarf banana.


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Palm trees and assorted tropical shrubs mix along a walkway to create a beautiful tropical foliage garden on the grandest of scales.

With so much fantastic foliage to choose from, who ever has time for flowers? (Well, maybe as an accent here and there.) Best of luck as you're now well-equipped with ideas for a foliage garden of your own.

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