Fragrant Garden Ideas

Fragrant Flower Garden Ideas

Beautiful blooms like roses are enchanting even without their smell, but add their perfume to a breezy day and you may never leave your fragrant flower garden. And if roses seem a little daunting, don't despair, there are plenty of hardy and easy-to-grow fragrant flowers that will enhance your garden with their colors, shapes, and scents. Choosing what to plant is a bit like mixing perfume, so don't be afraid to get creative! Use our garden photos and fragrant flower garden ideas for inspiration.

This romantically designed garden setting features sweetly scented flowers, both tender and hardy. One of the most fragrant and loved of all, the rose, appears prominently in shades of pink, red, and white. Modern hybrid tea roses have brighter colors and a longer season of bloom, but old roses have no equals for fragrance. Citrus trees, represented here by a pair of standard lemons, have aromatic flowers as well as fruit and may be pot-grown in the north.

The perfume from a large mixed border such as this can be heaven on a warm summer day, when the heat brings out delicious fragrances from both leaf and petal. This border includes Bright Eyes phlox, purple-leaved Perilla fruticosa, and the white, lily-scented trumpets of Royal Standard hostas.

Perhaps you often enjoy your garden in the evening... On the next page you'll learn to maximize the sensory experience by selecting fragrant flora that offer their best at night.

A heavenly scent is but one way to select the plants for your garden. Find other potential garden themes and ideas at these photo-rich spots: