Fragrant Garden Ideas

Night-Scented Garden Ideas

Pippa Sandford.
Pippa Sandford.

If your backyard garden is where you unwind in the evening after work, careful selection of the plants you place there can easily enhance your experience. A number of fragrant florals release their perfumes more strongly after dark, and many of these night-scented garden selections also bloom in light colors, so they're easily seen -- and may even appear illuminated -- as the sun fades. The garden photos and night-scented garden ideas that follow will help you begin to envision your sensory escape.

Unusually shaped and brightly colored, irises are easily compelling to daytime garden visitors. But as day gives way to night, they give forth a rich fragrance, which makes them that much more enjoyable during evening hours.

The angels trumpet is named for its large and elegant flowers, but it also emits a heavenly scent, which becomes more pronounced as evening arrives. An assortment of lush green ferns also planted in this night-scented garden ensures that it has excellent daytime appeal as well.

Some plants don't confine their fragrance to their flowers -- and these can be useful for cooking as well. On the next page, learn about fragrant foliage to plant in your garden.

A heavenly scent is but one way to select the plants for your garden. Find other potential garden themes and ideas at these photo-rich spots: