Fragrant Garden Ideas

Fragrant Foliage Garden Ideas

From peppery and minty herbs to scented geraniums, which offer fragrance from both flowers and leaves, there's quite a selection of plants out there that do not rely on blossoms for their sensational smell. Not only do the assorted sizes and shapes of these plants' leaves make them visually interesting, many of the herbs add a fresh touch to concoctions in the kitchen, and -- of course -- a scented breeze coming from the garden makes the environment even more inviting. The garden photo and fragrant foliage garden ideas here can help get you on your way to a functional, sweet-smelling backyard garden.

Some scented geraniums have attractive flowers in addition to their fragrant foliage. A broad range of leaf shapes and scents is available, and a collection of these plants (tender pot plants in cold-winter areas) makes a lovely, varied, and fragrant picture. Here, the large velvety leaves of peppermint-scented Pelargonium tomentosum mingle with rose-scented, lavender-bloomed P. capitatum to bedeck a white picket fence.

Day or night, feast your nose and your eyes when you choose fragrant flowers and foliage that maximize the sensory experience offered by your garden.

Learn which plants are best for a fragrant garden in the next section.

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