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Fragrant Garden Ideas

Plants for a Fragrant Garden

The grandiflora rose is a cross that produces long stems and beautiful blooms.
The grandiflora rose is a cross that produces long stems and beautiful blooms.

­­Plants for a fragrant garden include not only those whose blossoms smell heavenly but whose leaves smell equally lovely. The beauty of a garden is that it appeals to the sense of smell as well as the sense of sight.

If only the rose springs to mind when you contemplate a fragrant garden, be prepared to be delighted. There are other, less demanding plants that smell as fragrant and look as delicate.


Angel's Trumpet, Trumpet Flower, Horn of Plenty

­A tropical flower, angel's trumpet produces a long, elaborately shaped blossom.


This erect, bushy plant bears flowers of a light purple hue.

Garden Phlox

This perennial is easy to grow, and not only does it smell wonderful, it adds a burst of color to a garden.

Grandiflora Roses

With the long stem of a tea rose and a gorgeous floribunda bloom, this cross is easier to grow than other roses.


The smell of this fragrant herb is pleasant and soothing. So it's not surprising that it's used as a fragrance in everything from bath oil to perfume.


These shrubs can grow extremely tall, providing a garden with height as well as a sweet smell.

Nicotiana, Flowering Tobacco

This pretty flower is a relative of the plant grown for tobacco used in cigarettes; however, its smell is sweet and its color is bright.


Peonies produce large blooms -- approximately four to six inches wide, and the smell is divine.


Known for its metallic purple leaves, perilla grows extremely easily.

Rose Geranium

Incredibly aromatic, this plant is lends it scent to perfumes, potpourris, and oils.

Salvia, Meadow Sage

This plant comes in various sizes and colors, and it includes the sage used for cooking purposes.


With a wild and shrubby look, this plant produces small globes of yellow flowers.


Winter Jasmine

This plant can grow over 15 feet tall when planted with a trellis. It blooms in the late winter or early spring.

A heavenly scent is but one way to select the plants for your garden. Find other potential garden themes and ideas at these photo-rich spots: