Garden Care

Watering is an important aspect of garden care.
Watering is an important aspect of garden care.

You can get a great sense of achievement from planting your garden, but keep in mind that your labors are by no means over when the seeds are in the ground. Even a small garden requires a certain amount of time and care.

Depending on the type of garden, there are many different ways to care for it. There are some criteria that remain the same: gardens need water, fertilizer, pest control, and growth control.



When and how much are the two big questions about watering. We'll provide the answers in this article.


Learn about the different types of fertilizer and mulches available to keep your garden soil happy and maximize its growth.

Pest Control

You know that you have brown spots, but what are they and what do you do about them? In this section, we'll help you identify and destroy the creepy-crawlies that are invading your garden.

Growth Control

Turn your wild jungle into a pleasant garden oasis. Learn how to weed and trim back growth in the garden.


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