Garden Ideas

Learn about this cool color garden in the  color theme garden ideas section. See more pictures of famous gardens.
Learn about this cool color garden in the color theme garden ideas section. See more pictures of famous gardens.

Garden ideas can spring up from anywhere. The urge to garden, to beautify and enhance one's surroundings by cultivating ornamental or useful plants, is one of humanity's most cherished pastimes and oldest civilized pursuits.

Scrolls and wall paintings from Ancient Egypt and vase-paintings from Classical Greece and Rome depict recognizable varieties of flowers grown in pots and borders, demonstrating that the love of green, growing things has been shared by people in many climates and cultures throughout history.


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Why do gardens hold this fascination for so many of us? For one thing, many people seem to feel better around plants. Their presence is relaxing and offers an oasis of restful green as an escape from the pressures of everyday life; this phenomenon has even been used in some forms of stress-reduction therapy.

In an age when much of life seems to move at an incredibly fast pace and time seems all too short and precious, many people like to feel connected to the slower and gentler rhythms of the natural world. Tilling the soil, planting seeds or young plants, and eagerly awaiting the appearance of new shoots and flowers provides a way for the modern gardener to connect with the processes of nature.


Get great garden ideas by looking at the garden photos in these articles:

Color Theme Garden Ideas: Consider our Color Theme Garden Ideas if you want to highlight the hues in your garden. We'll give you ideas for cool color gardens, warm color gardens, and monochrome gardens in this article.

Cottage Garden Ideas: Cottage gardens usually display a variety of plants in a small, yet romantic, space. Learn how to keep your mix of annuals, perennials, herbs, shrubs, and vegetables growing happily together.


English Country Garden Ideas: You can keep your garden formal while still keeping a wild, freely-grown look by considering English Country Garden Ideas. Find gardening ideas and photos that couple formality with informality for a pleasing garden.

Natural Garden Ideas: Whether you live in the desert or the prairie, your garden can always enjoy a wide array of plants native to your area. Learn how to make gardening easier with tips and these Natural Garden Ideas.

Foliage Garden Ideas: A beautifully planned garden isn't just about flowers and blossoms. Get details and gardening ideas on how simple green foliage, ornamental grasses, and leafy ferns can brighten up your garden.

Fragrant Garden Ideas: Don't just stop and smell the roses -- smell your entire garden! Check out how scented leaves, roses, geraniums, and herbs can make your garden appealing to the eye and the nose.

Habitat Gardens: Nothing completes a garden like brightly colored butterflies and the sweet chirp of songbirds. Find gardening ideas and photos that show you how to create a resourceful, secure, and beautiful Habitat Garden.

Traditional Shade Garden Ideas: If your garden plot lacks sunshine, you can still plant a lovely display with our Traditional Shade Garden Ideas. This article offers a variety of plants that thrive in the shade, including hostas, ferns, and rhododendrons.

Water Garden Ideas: Water gardens originated in India and the Middle East and continue to thrive today. Practice the ancient tradition of water gardens with ideas such as fountains, streams, ponds, and pools.

Rock Garden Ideas: The placement of rocks in your garden provides a challenging project with fantastic results. Plan and design your garden with these creative Rock Garden Ideas.

Gardening: Before you delve into the details of your garden plans and designs, it's helpful to understand the types and varieties of plants to choose from. Get everything from plant profiles and gardening basics here.