What You Need to Do Now to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

By: Emilie Sennebogen

Prepare your garden now, so those blooms can bloom. See more pictures of annual flowers.

The days are getting longer and perhaps a little warmer, if only in your imagination. If you dwell in the north, you're likely to be still buried in snow, but if you live in a warmer climate, you're enjoying the first bulbs popping out of the dormant winter ground, and you're just starting to see the first buds on the early blooming trees. This means spring is near, and for gardeners, it can't come soon enough. Every green thumb anxiously awaits digging in the dirt, de-winterizing and putting it all back together. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do in the days before the soil is finally warm enough to plant in. It's time to order your seeds, and one of the greatest pleasures for many gardeners is poring over the seed catalogs. Now is also a great time to assess your gardening tools and to get them into working order. Remove rust spots and oil hinges, and replace the ones that are irreparable. Once that first chore is complete, read on for more late winter gardening projects.