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Wildlife Garden Ideas

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A wildlife garden incorporates several natural environmental elements -- woodland edges, ponds, flower gardens -- to attract wildlife of all kinds. A wildlife garden provides a habitat for the native wildlife in your region, and it also provides a beautiful, tranquil respite for people to enjoy. The photos below will you wonderful ideas you can use to start your wildlife garden.

A wildlife garden is a great garden idea for showcasing many environmental elements and attracting wildlife. In this wildlife garden, lily pads, water grasses, shrubs, trees, and Lotus flowers coexist beautifully with a pond, attracting a visit from a water bird. Ponds, whether natural or artificial, seem to develop their own ecosystems: Birds, butterflies, and even frogs come for the food provided by the flowers and insects that thrive near the water.

This beautiful wildlife garden combines three environments (woodland edge, garden border, and pond) into a site that is certain to attract wildlife of many kinds. Birds, butterflies, and small woodland mammals such as rabbits and chipmunks will find nectar, seeds, berries, water, and shelter in this New Jersey garden. The pond may also contain fish and amphibians and attract water birds, thus adding further to the wild population likely to enjoy this lovely spot.

A wildlife garden can also feature beautiful color and texture. This wildlife garden flourishes with rosebush and dahlia, popular multicolor annual flowers. Flowers can attract birds and butterflies to a wildlife garden, but houses, feeders, and birdbaths can also attract birds and add a lovely decorative note.

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A wildlife garden can also be a welcoming habitat for fish. In this wildlife garden, a pond framed by lush ferns and palms teems with Koi fish. A bridge over the pond adds a beautiful and practical architectural touch.

Woody wildflower gardens provide a beautiful, tranquil habitat for wildlife and for humans. Keep reading to find woody wildlife garden ideas and photos.

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