How to Care for Roses

Protecting Climbers and Tree Roses from Winter

Climbing roses and tree roses need particular attention during the winter season. Follow these steps to keep these plants healthy during these coldest months.

climbing roses
Bend the stems of climbing roses during the winter months.

  1. Provide climbing roses with special winter protection in cold climates. Bend the stems over and hold them in place with stakes. Mound soil over the stems. In very cold climates, dig a trench next to the plants and bury the canes for the winter, mounding up even more soil.

    tree rose
    Burying tree roses offers the best winter protection.

  2. A tree rose, whose bud union is even more exposed to cold air than other roses, should be buried entirely in cold climates. Dig up the root ball and place the entire plant in a deep trench. In the spring, delicately remove the soil and place the plant back into its original position.
Keep reading to learn about protecting roses from pests.

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