How to Control Garden Growth

There are many factors that contribute to successful garden growth. See more pictures of garden ideas.

Although starting a garden can seem intimidating, once your garden is on its way, you'll really enjoy caring for it and observing its unique development. With a bit of tender loving care, regular maintenance, and more plants, your garden will reward your efforts.

A garden is a busy place, with many things to see at once, so it's astonishing how one small dead plant will stand out in a healthy flower border. Keeping order involves getting rid of messy tidbits such as flowers gone to seed and yellowed leaves, preventing or removing weeds, training or staking tall or climbing plants, and nipping and cutting for overall plant shape, tidiness, and health.

In this article, we'll explore several aspects of controlling garden growth, including pinching back,weeding, pruning, pruning shrubs and vines, trimming and deadheading, how to stake plants, staking systems for plants and how to prepare the garden for winter.

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Keep reading to learn about pinching back plants.

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