How to Design with Garden Accents

Annuals in Containers

Grouping annual flowers together in containers is especially beautiful because they are almost perfectly-suited for container plantings. While perennial flowers grow best in the ground, there are some perennials that do very well in containers.

Annuals are particularly well-suited for use in container plantings. They quickly fill and overflow the planters. You can also plant them in masses of a single species or in a mixture of different kinds and colors.

Planters full of annuals can be used singly or in groups. They can be mixed with houseplants brought outdoors for summer or inserted here and there in between shrubbery. Container plants can be hung from a garden fence, a low-hanging tree limb, or a porch rail. Even a small apartment balcony can be turned into a colorful garden by filling it with annuals.

Would you rather use perennials in your containers? Although not all will thrive, there are many options to choose from -- learn about them on the next page.

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