How to Design with Garden Accents

Raised Beds as Garden Accents

A stone wall can have built-in beds, allowing you to adorn your home with flowers.

Like containers, built-in raised beds are excellent for accent plantings, especially near doorways, where you may wish to add shrubs for framing the entryway, and atop paved areas, where it would otherwise be difficult to garden.

They generally offer excellent drainage and deep soil that is free from competing tree roots. If your home has existing raised beds, check their design and condition. If they are too small, too low, or not attractively made, you should consider replacing them. An advantage of raised beds is that the gardener can tend the plants in them with a lot less bending and kneeling.

If you want your plants to go on a taller display, plant supports like arbors and pergolas might be the accents for you. On the next page, we'll explore different kinds of plant supports, their constructions, and the advantages of using them.

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