Natural Garden Ideas

Water-Saving Garden Ideas

Whether you're just looking for a way to have to go out and water your garden less often or doing your part for the "green" movement, there are plants that can help you achieve your goal and even a fancy name for what you're up to: xeriscaping. This term is gaining wider use as more gardeners discover that water-saving gardening makes good environmental sense and saves time, energy, and effort -- commodities that all gardeners occasionally have in short supply. We're happy to join the cause by providing these water-saving garden ideas and garden photos.

A wide variety of plants lend themselves to water-saving gardening, as illustrated by this imaginative combination of cacti, conifers, and grasses. Exhibiting a wonderful crop of its edible fruits, which will soon redden, a hardy prickly pear grows happily alongside the blue and gold cultivars of the evergreen Chamaecyparis pisifera. The drought-resistant ornamental grass variegated Miscanthus sinensis creates a fountain-like effect -- without the use of water -- in the background.

Coneflowers are also known for not being overly thirsty, so they make an excellent addition to any water-saving garden. Their pleasant purple petals blend nicely here with the smaller purple blooms on the ground cover and the silver-tinted foliage of other nearby plants.

It's still rather warm, but there's likely to be a bit more water about... Keep clicking to see what sorts of native plants abound in sunny Southern California and will love to make their home in your garden.

Thinking you'd like to take nature to the next level in your garden? These photos and ideas will help plant the seeds of creativity: