Planting a Container Garden

With proper care and attention, many flowers will thrive in containers. See more pictures of garden ideas.

Probably no other form of gardening allows more versatility than container gardening. Growing plants in containers makes it possible to garden in situations where there is no yard or soil available: on a rooftop, a high-rise balcony, a deck, a fire escape, or even in an area that's covered with concrete.

Container gardening can be an ideal solution for people with physical limitations that prevent them from working down at ground level. It can also be the answer for those with soil problems. For anyone, growing annuals in containers can provide an extra dimension of gardening pleasure, both outdoors in summer and indoors in winter. All that's essential with container gardening is that the container be capable of holding soil as well as allowing excess water to drain away. Keep in mind that plants thrive more readily in larger amounts of soil, because the soil temperature and moisture level fluctuate less as soil volume increases. Unless the gardener is extremely vigilant, plants are more likely to suffer frequent drying out and overheating when planted in small pots.

In this article we will focus on how to plan and plant your container garden, the variety of plants that can be used in container gardens, the correct care for container gardens, which materials are suitable, and finally we have some inspiration for creative gardening ideas.

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