Planting a Container Garden

Foliage Plants for Containers

A little greenery will go a long way to livening up your container garden.

Foliage plants are a must when planting a garden in your yard, as they fill out spaces with lush greenery, and provide a lovely backdrop for showier flower and plants. Well, foliage plays the same role in your container garden. These plants look great when they're mixed with flowering plants in pots. Here are just a few of the foliage plants which you should consider when creating your container garden:

So, you've picked the plants you want to use in your container garden, and you've got them planted. That's only the beginning! now it's time to start caring for your garden, and while caring is half the work, it's also half the fun. Find useful tips for proper and successful container garden care on the next page.Want more information on creating a garden? Try: