Rock Garden Ideas

Natural Rock Garden Ideas

Natural rock garden ideas are already started by nature. Naturally rocky yards can be altered to create expressive expanses of greenery. Stone, logs, and stumps are used as focal points, instead of being removed. Isolated boulders act as rock gardens in miniature, serving as both containers and ornament. The photos below will give you further ideas to explore when working with natural rock gardens.

In this natural rock garden idea, several elements combine to form a vivid and practical garden display. Wood steps rest atop pebbles, and the path is lined by rocks, boulders, and a variety of plants -- ferns, and fir and spruce evergreens. The balance of colors and textures creates a visually delightful sight out of a functional garden area.

In this stunning natural rock garden idea, water garden elements are combined with plants and a natural rock garden. A stream is surrounded by pebble and rock. The diversity of rock and pebble shapes creates visual interest and complements the movement of the waterfall above. Ground cover plants complete the picture with their vivid, colorful, and crisp foliage.

In this beautiful natural rock garden idea, the stillness of a large pond is interrupted by a grouping of majestic boulders. Daylilies and water lilies add delicate touches of color as they float atop the reflective surface of the pond. A collection of ferns completes the presentation, adding balance with their lush foliage and vibrant color.

Rock gardens add unique notes to your overall garden design plans. A rock garden can exist in lovely harmony with water garden ideas, or in miniature as a detailed traditional alpine garden. No matter the size of your garden, or the climate of your region, rock garden ideas are unique and add beautiful touches to your yard.

Find out the best plants for a natural rock garden in the next section.

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