Traditional Shade Garden Ideas

Bog Covers for Shade Garden Ideas

The term bog refers to a wetland area. As a garden idea, bog covers for shade gardens create special, unique environments in your backyard. Bog covers include plants that love and thrive in water and shade, creating a tranquil, beautiful garden space. The following photos will inspire bog cover ideas for your shade garden.

Candelabra primroses are excellent bog cover plant ideas for colorful springtime streamside shadow gardens, as shown in the foreground. They mingle most agreeably with other plants that love both dampness and shade, such as hostas, irises, and rodgersia. Azaleas (backed by a wall of rhododendron flowers) burn with their own bright flame in the background, in tones matching those sported by the primroses.

Unusually colored cultivars of familiar shade plants create a notably fresh and interesting look. Lobelia fulgens boasts leaves in deep plum tones to set off its scarlet flowers (which hummingbirds love), while the green-and-white striped leaves of Iris laevigata Variegata are as neat and natty as a new straw boater. The lettuce-like leaves in the foreground belong to primulas that have just gone out of bloom.

Soft and green, moss gardens bring to mind a peaceful forest floor. Explore our final section to learn about moss gardens, and view some spectacular photos.

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