Traditional Shade Garden Ideas

Moss Garden Ideas

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As garden plants, mosses are a good idea. These small, soft plants that stay close to the ground and usually grow in clumps or mats. They add touches of softness to the garden. Look to the following photos for ideas for your own moss garden.

Bring the garden closer to home with this moss garden idea. Here, moss, hosta, and vine plants crawl up the walls and porch of a home, cover it with lush greenery. Hostas are flexible perennials that can thrive in full shade, partial shade or full sun. The result is an unexpected and lovely way to incorporate plants into a garden design.

This innovative Japanese garden is a marvel of abstract gardening artistry, and a unique moss garden idea. A great expanse of carefully cultivated moss is broken at irregular intervals by paving squares to create a not-quite-checkerboard pattern. Azaleas clipped in the shape of domes edge the expanse and are just beginning to show flushes of bloom. The scene as a whole has an unexpectedly entrapping yet soothing effect on the eye.

If any areas of your home or garden are denied full exposure to sunlight, don't lose hope. There are many traditional shade garden ideas that can make these areas as lovely as the sunniest of gardens. Continue to the next page to learn about the various plants commonly used in creating a traditional shade garden.

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