Water Garden Ideas

In-Ground Basins and Water Fountains

Whether small or large, grand or quaint, classical or whimsical, in-ground basins and water fountains are wonderful approaches to water gardens. Making these additions to your garden allow you to capture the restfulness, peace and beauty of water -- no matter the size of your garden. The photos of in-ground basins and water fountains below will help inspire your own water garden ideas.

Even the smallest garden can benefit from a water garden idea; a glazed stoneware vessel makes a lovely in-ground basin. The dark, neutral color of the pottery gives greater depth to the bright colors of the surrounding planting, which includes violet-flowered sweet garlic Tulbaghia fragrans in the left foreground and brilliant-leaved New Zealand flax Phormium tenax Maori Sunrise behind.

This classically inspired Neptune fountain is a stunning water fountain. This water garden idea achieves grand formality on a small scale. While aquatic plants are growing in pots placed in the water, dwarf evergreens, regal lilies, and others that prefer drier conditions have been planted in pots positioned on stone or gravel. This clever method allows the grouping of plant species that favor a number of different growing conditions.

Look for creative ideas when planning your water garden. Nature and artistry combine in this charming fountain, where a dragonfly sculpture encircles a small vertical waterspout. Whether on a large scale or small, formal or informal, the addition of water to a garden always creates a peaceful focal point.

In-ground basins can vary in size. In this larger in-ground basin, lilies rest on the water's surface, surrounded by lotus, ferns, grasses, and rocks. The result is a peaceful nook that can also be a lovely sight. The lovely flowering lotus plant is an ideal water garden plant.

An above-ground pool can be a dramatic centerpiece to your water garden. Learn about several above-ground pool ideas and enjoy lovely photos in the next section.

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