Water Garden Ideas

Above-Ground Pools

Any garden can benefit from the addition of an above-ground pool. Raising a pool or fountain above the ground gives it added emphasis, allowing fountains to rise to greater heights and bringing the water closer to the viewer. Above-ground pools also come in many sizes -- making them appropriate for any garden. The photos below will help you figure out the best way to incorporate above-ground pools into your garden's design.

A medium-size above-ground pool and fountain make a dramatic showpiece of a paved courtyard. The aquatic theme is carried through with a fish sculpture; boulders placed in the water look attractive and cleverly hide the fountain hardware and sculpture support. A few water plants are featured, but most of the planting is in movable pots.

Brandee Crisp

Water lily and lotus thrive in water gardens. In this above-ground pool, the plants coexist beautifully, adding color through their brilliant blossoms and delicate foliage. Above-ground pools are great ideas for those areas of a yard in which an in-ground pool may not be appropriate, such as a sturdy deck or patio.

Matthew McRay

An above-ground pool is a wonderful garden idea if you would like to create a stunning visual statement like the one above. In this above-ground pool, stone surrounds a pond and fountain. Water plants, including grasses, hosta, blue fescue, and geraniums, complete the statement.

In-ground pools and ponds are great ideas for showcasing water plants and creating garden centerpieces to gather around and enjoy. The next section will show you several water garden ideas and photos incorporating in-ground pools and ponds.

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