Water Garden Ideas

In-Ground Pools and Ponds

An in-ground pool or pond can make a great impact. These water garden fixtures show off water plants and blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment. They can make a dramatic statement while existing in harmony with the foliage and wildlife around it. The photos and ideas below will show the kind of an impact an in-ground pool or pond can make in your garden.

A large, multi-level in-ground pond makes a stunning garden centerpiece. The picture is complete with a waterfall, delicate water lilies, and attractive stone wall. The stone wall also serves a practical function -- it contains and covers the pond liner. Almost every artificial pond and pool needs a vinyl or rubber liner to prevent water drainage.

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In-ground pools can exist on a grand scale, as is shown by this water garden idea. A majestic fountain emerges from the center of the in-ground pool, surrounded by water plants and individual potted plants. Hostas, ferns, and water lilies, plants that thrive in water, shine in this water garden design idea. A charming bench provides the perfect vantage point to enjoy the stunning display.

An in-ground pool can create a water garden haven in your backyard. Here, the smoothness of the water is balanced by the roughness of the natural rock and the soft, lush green of ground cover plants. A potted plant is the finishing touch to this serene scene.

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The sense of scale in this large in-ground pond creates feelings of calm and serenity. With this water garden idea, simplicity is key. The in-ground pond showcases a solitary patch of delicate lily pads, and simple weeping willows and decorative grasses frame this elegant garden design.

Streams and ponds are a delight to observe during a garden walk. On the next page, get inspired to include streams and ponds in your water garden.

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