Garden Design

Garden design should be one of your first considerations in planning a garden since it lends style and cohesion to a collection of plants. Find out what goes into designing a garden with these articles.


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Money- and Time-Saving Gardening Tips

Composting, choosing low-maintenance plants, and using low-cost pest repellents can help you grow a successful garden without a lot of time or money. Learn about money- and time-saving tips to keep your garden under control.

Tips for Growing Roses

The rose, one of the most glamorous garden flowers, continues to evolve into a more versatile part of the landscape. Learn tips to help you successfully grow roses only at HowStuffWorks.

Tips for Growing Container Plants

If you have limited garden space or if you want to have more control over your garden, planting in containers is a good option. Learn all about growing container plants.

Water Tips for Gardening

Without water, plants wilt and die. But too much water can be as bad for plants as not enough. Learn helpful tips on how to water your garden properly at HowStuffWorks.

Light Tips for Gardening

Many plants, especially flowers, vegetables, and fruit trees, thrive in bright sun. But some plants, particularly those native to forests and glens, need shadier conditions. Learn all about light tips for gardening in this article.

Garden Care Tips

Keeping your garden looking great depends on having the right tools, developing a good technique, and being organized enough to do the right things at the right time. Find garden care tips in this article.

Organic Gardening Tips

The real success of organic gardens lies in the methods used to keep plants growing vigorously, without a heavy reliance on sprays. Organic gardening cuts right to the heart of the matter: soil.

Garden Propagation Tips

Garden propagation methods include starting your own plants from seeds, cuttings, divisions, and layering. While many of these techniques save money and expand options, propagation does require a certain amount of attention.

Tips for Preventing Garden Pests and Diseases

Growing healthy plants is the first step toward a great garden. In order to achieve this, it's important to prevent diseases and pests through careful plant selection, planting, and care. Learn how in this article.

Garden Soil Tips

Soil is a complex blend of animal, vegetable, and mineral material. Healthy soil is one of the keys to a thriving garden. Find helpful garden soil tips in this article.

Garden Care

You're not finished with your garden once seeds are in the ground. Regular garden care is essential to healthy, flourishing plants. Learn how to maintain your garden in this article.

How to Design Gardens

The key to a good garden is a good design plan. Figure out what kind of garden you want, whether it's a landscape garden or a mixed garden and create your own personal Eden.

How to Prevent Plant Diseases

Growing healthy plants is the first step toward a great garden. To achieve this, it's important to prevent diseases by paying careful attention to plant selection and plant care. Learn more.

How to Stake Plants

Some plants need just a little bit more support than the rest, either because of heavy clusters of flowers, slender stems, or a combination of both. Learn about various staking techniques in this article.

How to Grow a Low-Maintenance Garden

Keeping your yard looking nice doesn't have to be an impossible task. Learn more about low-maintenance gardening, including how to select easy-to-care-for annuals and perennials and how to plant decorative containers.

How to Cut and Layer Plants

Certain plants don't grow from seeds but rather are cloned, or vegetatively propagated, to get a plant with all the exact qualities of its parent. Learn about stem and root cuttings and the layering process.

How to Prepare Soil for Planting

Good soil is the first step to a great garden. The loose, dark earth of the gardens seen on television doesn't usually just happen, however. Learn how to make the most out of your soil.

How to Water Plants

Without water, plants wilt and die. But too much water can be just as bad. Balancing plants' water needs is like having a healthful diet. Learn how to water plants.

How to Design With Shrubs

Shrubs are more than just small trees. They are a way to create attractive, organic designs for your landscaping. Shrubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Find out about designing with shrubs.

How to Mulch

When preparing your home for the winter, don't forget to mulch your gardens to protect against winter burn. Mulching recycles nature's products to replenish your garden so that nothing is wasted. In the process, your garden will grow greener and healthier.

How to Design and Plant Ground Covers

If you really want to make the most of your garden, you might also want to consider such plantings as ground covers. Find out how to design your landscape to grow ground covers beautifully.

How to Grow Plants With the Lighting You Have

Many plants thrive in bright sun, which provides abundant energy for growth, flowering, and fruiting. But some plants need shadier conditions. Learn the sun requirements of various garden and house plants.