Glue and Adhesive Stain Removal

Glue and adhesive stains can be a truly sticky situation. Learn how to remove glue and adhesive stains from many different materials.

Glue spots can stick you with a real mess. Glue spots can have you coming apart at the seams, creating more problems than they fix.? Learn stain removal tips to get rid of glue spots.

Adhesive tape stains can leave you stuck with a difficult mess. There are simple solutions to get rid of tape tracks. Learn easy and quick stain removal methods to remove adhesive tape stains.

Contact cement spots can pose difficult cleanup problems. Cement is supposed to harden, but that's not so great when it's on your clothes, causing laundry stains. Learn to clean contact cement spots.

Household cement spots can be alarming. The very word cement can strike fear into the heart of someone working around the house when a spill occurs. Learn stain removal tips to clean household cement spots.

Rubber cement stains can be tricky to remove. Using rubber cement can make anyone nervous, but there are simple stain removal methods to use when mishaps occur. Learn to clean rubber cement stains.