Golden Lace, Scabious Patrinia

Golden lace in a sunny garden spot. See more pictures of perennial flowers.

Golden lace, or scabious patrinia is an underused, easy-to-grow perennial that mixes well with almost any other type of plant. It deserves a spot in a sunny garden.

Description of golden lace: Hundreds of airy yellow flowers are held in large, flat-topped inflorescences above the leaves. Plants flower from summer through fall on two-year-old plants. Plants grow between 36 and 60 inches tall, depending on which form you get. The Korean form grows 60 to 72 inches tall while the Japanese form (usually sold as the variety 'Nagoya') grows 36 inches tall.


How to grow golden lace: Patrinia is very heat tolerant and should be planted in full sun in well-drained, moist soil. Cut flowering stems down at the base before seed sets to keep foliage looking fresh, but leave enough seed heads to ensure that a few seedlings get established. Patrinia is sometimes short-lived. If foliage looks rough at summer's end, cut it back and keep the soil moist to encourage fresh growth. Leave the basal foliage in place through the winter.

Propagating golden lace: By seed.

Uses for golden lace: Patrinia looks great when used as a filler with other summer and fall bloomers. Try blending it with ornamental grasses, blue mist spirea, gayfeather, Joe Pye weed, purple coneflower, and Russian sage. Patrinia makes an excellent cut flower.

Scientific name for golden lace: Patrinia scabiosifolia


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