Golden Weeping Willow Tree

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Golden weeping willow tree is the most typical of the weeping willows, although there are many other willow selections with weeping habits. It is unmatched by any other landscape tree for its long, pendant, golden branches, which can literally sweep the ground.

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Description of golden weeping willow tree: The golden weeping willow is a massive, spreading tree, reaching up to 80 feet in height. Although main branches manage to arch somewhat upward, the secondary ones grow straight down, creating the graceful weeping effect for which it is renowned. The trunk is brown with a distinctly corky bark. The pendant stems are yellow green. The narrow, deciduous leaves are pointed and green to yellow-green above, pale below. They turn yellow in the fall.

Growing golden weeping wilow tree: This tree is well adapted to wet soils and is absolutely charming when planted right beside a lake or pond so its branches can dangle over the water. It does equally well in drier conditions, but in such cases its long-stretching roots can block pipes and drainage tiles in their pursuit of moisture. A branch stuck in moist soil is often all that is needed to reproduce this fast-growing tree.

Uses for golden weeping willow tree: The golden weeping willow is only recommended for very large lots and should be planted well away from any structures.

Related species of golden weeping willow tree: There are several other weeping willows, but the terminology is hopelessly confused. It is best to consult your county Cooperative Extension office for suggestions as to varieties adapted to your region.

Scientific name of golden weeping willow tree: Salix alba tristis

Caution: This tree is listed as invasive in some states in the east and midwest.

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