Grandiflora Roses

By: C. Colston Burrell
Grandifloras are roses that tend to bloom throughout the season. See more pictures of roses.

Grandifloras combine the vigor and blooming ability of floribundas with the beautiful blooms and long stems of hybrid teas. This is not a surprising combination since they resulted from crosses between the two groups. Their vigorous growth habit makes them more satisfactory garden subjects than hybrid teas.

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Description of grandifloras: Grandifloras are tall-growing roses, often reaching 5 feet or more in height even in harsh climates. They are sturdy, upright-growing plants that are generally well-clothed in large, shiny leaves similar to the leaves of hybrid teas. They bear clusters of large flowers that, in the best cultivated varieties, are as attractive in both bud and bloom as hybrid teas, although often not as perfumed. Grandifloras generally bloom continually over the flowering season rather than in bursts.

Planting grandifloras: Space about 2 to 3 feet apart in cold climates, 4 feet in warm ones.

Grandifloras special needs: Grandifloras are generally hardier than hybrid teas and suffer less from winter kill. Nevertheless, they require full winter protection in cold regions. Remove faded flowers to ensure continual bloom. Although their tall stems may suggest a need for staking, they are self-supporting.

Propagating grandifloras: Grandifloras are best purchased as grafted plants, although some grow fairly well on their own roots from cuttings.

Uses for grandifloras: Their tall size makes grandifloras perfect choices for the back of the rose bed. Their long stems make excellent cut flowers.

Grandifloras related varieties: Arizona, bronze; Love, red and cream; Prominent, orange; Queen Elizabeth, medium pink; Sonia, pink blend; Sundowner, copper.


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