10 Hottest Green Design Materials


Recycled Glass

Bet you never thought those wine bottles you recycled would end up back in your kitchen.

Recycled-glass countertops take the glass you throw in the recycling bin and turn it into a unique kitchen surface. The glass pieces can be any size and color -- recycled windshields produce clear glass, wine bottles green or brown glass, dinner plates can mean any color in the spectrum.

The glass is broken into small pieces and held together with concrete. The end result is a lustrous, speckled look. It's typically custom-made in molds, so there's very little waste, and it consumes a product that would probably otherwise end up in a landfill, will pretty much never biodegrade and takes a lot of energy to recycle.

You can find recycled glass furniture out there, too. Check out Earth911: Designer Uses 100 Percent Recycled Glass in Furniture.