10 Things You Should Never Throw Away

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Housework Delegating 101: Put the Kids to Work

Housework Delegating 101: Put the Kids to Work

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Author's Note: 10 Things You Should Never Throw Away

I'm a tosser. Not in the British slang sense, but because I tend to toss things away rather than dream up creative ways to reuse them. I'm also a middle-class American, which means I carry around considerable guilt over the towering pile of non-biodegradable trash I send to the landfill each year. I try to recycle as much as possible, but I admit that there are days — let's call them weekdays — in which I'd rather throw something away than go through the trouble of washing it and storing it away with the hope that it will one day be repurposed into a homemade child's toy or ironic cocktail coaster. This is why I don't hang out on Pinterest.

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