10 Things You Should Never Throw Away

Wine Corks
Wine corks can be glued together to make a bulletin board. dantemaisto/iStock/Thinkstock

Next time you pop open a nice full-bodied merlot or celebrate with a crisp bottle of Champagne, hold on to that cork. With some patience -- or some serious drinking – you'll collect enough corks to make dozens of cool DIY projects.

A simple bulletin board or corkboard is the classic project. Glue a hundred or so corks in an eye-catching pattern on a backing board or within a colorful frame. For a cork bath mat, slice the corks in half lengthwise and hot glue the flat sides to a sheet of shelf paper [source: Ewing].

Even if you only have a handful of corks, you can get creative. Make a floatable keychain by twisting a loop screw into a favorite cork. Carve a cool pattern into the end of a cork to make handy stamps [source: Puhala]. Or take thin slices of cork and glue them inside cabinet doors to make them slam-proof [source: Stimpson].